In CashBack Points Program you will get 1 Points on each shopping of ₹ 100/-. The 1 point will be equal to CashBack Discount Voucher of ₹ 2/-.

For Example : If you purchase for ₹ 100/-, your CashBack Points will be 1. Then you can create a CashBack Discount Voucher of 1 points which will give you discount of ₹ 2. By this way you can get benefit of CashBack Points Program.

To avail benefits of CashBack Points Program, you need to complete the following steps and agree with Terms & Conditions mentioned in this whole page :- 

  • You need to register first at our website or mobile app.

  • Keep your order value ₹ 100 or More every time to earn points.

  • If the order amount is below ₹ 100, the points will not be added in your account.
  • When you make shopping, your points will be automatically added in your account after delivery of such order. You can see the earned points in "CashBack Points" section of "My Account".

  • Visit to "CashBack Points" section of "My Account" and click on "CONVERT MY POINTS INTO A VOUCHER" button. On doing this a CashBack Discount Voucher equal to value of your points will be created for you and this voucher can be seen in "Discount Vouchers'' section of "My Account". Please note this voucher will be valid for one year from the date of creation. 
  • Now you can use this voucher in your any order which having value  of ₹ 100 or More. On applying of this voucher code in your cart you will get the discount equal to value of your discount voucher. 

The extension or withdrawal of scheme is on sole discretion of EShoppingHub without any prior notice.