In this Program EShoppingHub will offer Discount Voucher of ₹100/- in total on referring our website/mobile app to some one by you.

  • One Discount Voucher of ₹ 50/- will be given to you (who is Referring "Sponsor").

  • One Discount Voucher of ₹ 50/- will be given to your friend/known person (who is Referred by you "Sopnsee").

How to Refer someone ?

  • Step 1 : You need to register first at our website or mobile app and keep login your account when going to refer the app.

  • Step 2 : To refer the App, In Mobile App tap on front home page banner of SHARE APP. When you will tap on it a TEXT will be prepared automatically and you can share this text via Whats App, Email, Google+, Facebook, Message,  etc. to your friends or known person. This text will automatically fetch your registered email id with EShoppingHub to recognise your reference to pass benefits of REFERRAL PROGRAM to both of you. When your friends or known person will get this TEXT and will register at EShoppingHub, he/she needs to enter your email ID at the time of registration in the field named as "ENTER EMAIL ID OF YOUR SPONSOR". The app will generate the vouchers automatically to both persons so it is recommended that please use sponsor's email id correctly. In case email id not matched the website or app will not offer Discount Voucher to anyone. 

  • Step 3 : Discount Voucher of Your Friend or Known Person : When He/She register at our website or mobile app using your EMAIL ID in column of "ENTER EMAIL ID OF YOUR SPONSOR", He/She will get a Discount Voucher of ₹ 50/- immediately which can be seen in his "Discount Vouchers" section of "My Account" and this Discount Voucher can be used in his/her any order.  

  • Step 4 : Discount Voucher for Your : Once He/She placed his first order and that order get delivered, you (who is referring) will get a Discount Voucher of ₹50/- immediately, which also can be seen in your "Discount Vouchers" section in "My Account" and can be use his any order.

What is the limit to refer the website or mobile app to friends / known person ?

There is not limit ! You can refer as much as you want but every referred person should be different. At one address or one mobile number or one email id or on one person, you can refer only one person. In verification, if it is found that you are using same person or same address or same mobile number or same email id or same person or person who is already referred by someone or person who is already user of EShopingHub, then the referral scheme benefit will not be given to both. 

The extension or withdrawal of scheme is on sole discretion of EShoppingHub without any prior notice.